Someone’s coming home!!

Wyatt was officially taken off the lights this morning, which means that he can actually be IN OUR ROOM with us!! Oh today has been so wonderful! We’ve just cuddled and hung out all day. Papa and Grammie got to hold him and cuddle and he is just as cute as can be!

He’s gained 2 ounces since yesterday, so that’s huge! He passed his hearing test easily and will take his car seat test tonight. He’s feeding a little better each time he feeds, so that’s encouraging as well.

The peditrician came in this morning to chat with us a bit, and she’s the one that will be discharging him. I got the impression that if tomorrow (Sunday) was a weekday, we would be going home tomorrow, but now they’re keeping us until Monday morning. I’m ok with it though…now that he is in our room and in my arms, I’m very content! I’m not sure how many times we scrubbed into NICU this week, but it was more than I hope to ever do again. It is beyond wonderful just cuddling with our little man, and being able to feed him from the comfort of our room, when he is hungry!

God is so good!!!! Crazy to think that a week ago everything was just starting…so glad that’s all in the past. :-)

Wyatt the Warrior Baby

Huge Wyatt update today!!

This morning when I went in for his 6am feeding, I found out his billirubin had decreased! It was still in the “low/intermediate” level, but the nurse told me it probably meant he could be taken off the lights! Happy day!!

When I went in for his 9am feeding, I was told that Wyatt was being released from NICU!!!!! He’s still in the hospital, but he’s now in as a normal newborn! He’s in a room with WINDOWS, and he’s off all monitors and cords! They are keeping him under the lights for now just to be safe. No harm done, so why not? Because he rebounded last time, I think they just want to be sure that he is really getting rid of it all.

So, the doctors do their rounds from sickest patient to healthiest, and Wyatt was one of the healthiest so his assessment this morning at 9am was one of the last ones, and then the doctors went back to their sickest patients and worked their way down again. So, as of about 4pm, Wyatt was officially transferred to regular newborn!!!!!

This ALSO means that he can come to our room for feedings!!!! AH!!! So, every 3 hours the nurses will transfer him to an open crib and wheel him over to our room! We only get 30 minutes with him to feed him, but we just had our first in room feeding and it was oh so wonderful!! We cannot wait to get him home so we don’t have to give him back to the nurses, but this is huge progress!!

Baby Wyatt Update

I’ve been meaning to start blogging Wyatt updates for a few days now, but the time hasn’t been there yet! I think I can whip this one out today. :-) I’ll just bullet point everything up till now, and then go from there!

– After Wyatt was born, they put him on oxygen, an IV, a tube into his belly (that helped keep moisture out of it from the breathing tube), and various other monitoring devices. The oxygen and tube into his belly were more of a precaution, and were removed by Monday morning. His lungs and breathing are doing AWESOME, which we are so thankful for!!

– Wyatt’s blood type is different than mine, and on top of being born early, that is the root cause of all of this that follows…

– Wyatt’s bilirubin numbers are high, and this is what causes jaundice. If it is not treated, it can lead to brain damage, so it’s very important to get these numbers under control. (NOTE: Wyatt’s numbers aren’t anywhere near high enough to cause damage, and he is being treated, so there is no danger for him, it’s just a slow process to bring these under control).

– For the first couple of days, Wyatt’s bilirubin numbers were high, but not at the “he needs treatment” levels, even though everyone knew that’s where they were headed

– All of my days have blended together, but I think it was Tuesday morning that he ended up in light treatment for the bilirubin and  jaundice. They started him in an open bed that just had a light underneath him, but he wasn’t maintaining his temperature well (he can’t be swaddled or clothed when he’s in light treatment), so they put him in an incubator.

– At this point, we were still able to take him out for feedings and cuddle time.

– Tuesday evening his numbers were still climbing and they added a third light to his incubator, and we had to relegate all our feedings to the incubator itself (where we put our hands through the little holes). This was the hardest point, when we couldn’t even hold him anymore.

– Wednesday morning his numbers had flattened, and he was able to be taken off of light treatment and off his IV!! He was still in the incubator (they don’t like to change too many things at once), but we were able to hold him for feedings, and just hold him in general. He poops at every feeding, which is great because babies poop the bilirubin out…so the more he eats, the more he poops, the healthier he gets!

– When we went in for the Thursday morning 6am feeding, he was back under the lights. :-( This was so demoralizing for us. His numbers had climbed again, and it really started to hit me how long we may be here. I kept having these grandeur notions that we would be going home this week, but I’m letting that go. It’s not going to be this week. I try not to ask too much about it, because I KNOW that they want him to be able to go home just as much as we do, and we’re so very thankful that they are all taking care of him so well. We’re back to not being able to hold him, but only every other feeding.

– The bilirubin numbers are complicated because it’s based on how many hours old the baby is…so it obviously changes constantly. So for instance, on Tuesday when he went under the lights, his number was 9.9, and it went up to 10.2, which is when he went under the triple lights. It pretty much leveled out there, but then this morning jumped to 14. However, the 14 is equivalent to the 9.9 from Tuesday so it’s not like his numbers have skyrocketed. I don’t really get it, but I don’t need to.


So, at this point, here’s what needs to happen for him to come home:

– His bilirubin numbers need to drop! And he needs to maintain that after he is out of light treatment.

– He needs to start eating better. He does ok, but gets SO sleepy because of the jaundice that sometimes it’s hard to get him to eat. He’s getting better though, especially as my milk comes in and he gets more of that than the formula.

– He needs to poop! He is actually doing well with pooping, but he just needs to continue pooping because that will help the bilirubin numbers to drop as he poops out the bilirubin.

– He needs to maintain/gain weight. This is a hard thing at his age, and ultimately if he can prove that he can eat well, that is great.

Once his bilirubin numbers are under control, he will be moved to an open crib (one of the normal newborn cribs), and stay there to be observed for 24-48 hours. Then if everything is going well, we’ll maybe be able to begin the discharge process.


Prayers for little Wyatt are so welcome, as well as for us. Ben is doing really well balancing being here with me, working on the house, and working in general (as his work just doesn’t let up), but he needs rest so he doesn’t wear himself too thin. I’m still at the hospital which is such a huge blessing that they let me stay, so prayers that I can continue to stay here until he is discharged, prayers for rest (last night was the first time since Friday night that I slept longer than 2 hours…I think I hit 3!), and I’m exhausted but having a hard time resting, especially during the day. And prayers for peace. This is HARD. Every day it gets harder as all we want is to be home. This all took us by such surprise, and I never envisioned not being able to bring our baby home, and not being able to cuddle him whenever we want. We are grateful for the care he is receiving, and grateful that ultimately, nothing is bad…it just takes time. God is in control, and we know that, but welcome your prayers for peace!

34 Weeks!

I’ve had a several people tell me that they think Spark is coming early…I’ve told Ben that we need to make guesses and see who is closest! I’m thinking July 8th…although I wouldn’t mind if he was a bit later just so I have some time off between work and baby! But we’ll see! 6 weeks left to go. :-) Eeps! That seems SO CLOSE. At this point I’m counting down the days until June 29th. Each day I tell Spark how many more we have, so that I can make it through my last wedding!

The list of things to do between now and d-day seems overwhelming sometimes. Our upstairs is a disaster, and Ben is doing a fabulous job on the bathroom…it just takes time!! But once that is done, we can move onto the carpet, and then we can really get rocking and rolling on Spark’s room!!

On the name side of things, we’re still no closer to anything. We’ll get there, but I’m guessing, at this point, we’ll need to wait and see his little face before we can officially decide on a name.

Picture coming soon…

34 Weeks

Spark is the size of a Large Cantaloupe

Cravings: Frosted mini-wheats, Salted Caramel Gelato, and pretty much anything sweet at this point…my will power is extremely low!

33 Weeks!

33!!! These weeks are FLYING!!! I shot yet another wedding this past weekend, and am thrilled to have this one behind me! It was probably one of my absolute favorite weddings to date, but it was up in northern Virginia and for some reason, this was the wedding all along that I was scared I wasn’t going to make. I have no idea why, but I made it!! And I loved the wedding and Spark and I just have 1 more together!

Physical therapy was kind of a joke and I’ve decided I didn’t need that anymore, but our birthing class instructor gave me the name of a chiropractor who specializes in pregnancy and just WOW. I feel so, so, so much better!! I don’t feel like my pubic bone is going to split into 2 anymore, it’s amazing! I made appointments weekly up until Spark is here! She can also help move Spark into the right position (if needed) as we get further along.

7 weeks!!!

Picture coming soon…

33 Weeks

Spark is the size of a Pineapple

Cravings: Pretty much anything sweet at this point…my will power is extremely low!

32 weeks!

Oh 32 weeks. I can’t believe how close we’re getting!! I shot my 4th wedding with Spark this week, and it is definitely getting harder and harder! There were a couple of times I almost did things (like jump off the porch for a shot) where I caught myself and reminded myself how pregnant I am! By the end of the night I was hurting SO BADLY that I could barely even walk in from my car to the house. I made an appointment with a physical therapist and chiropractor, so hopefully that will help!!

Spark seems to be doing very well! He is moving a ton which of course I love! Can’t wait to meet this little man!

8 more weeks!!!

Picture coming soon…

32 Weeks

Spark is the size of a Honeydew

Cravings: Mint Chip Ice Cream, frosted mini-wheats

31 Weeks!

31 has been a fun week!! I got to ATTEND my first wedding in ages, and actually dance with Ben! It was so much fun! Spark enjoyed it too. :-) He has been growing like CRAZY. Our birthing instructor told me that she could tell just in one week that I have grown. She said babies have a growth spurt around this time. I worked from home on Monday, and he did not like me sitting. He would stretch and kick and tumble whenever I sat down. He is totally going to be his father’s son!

I got my first “is it twins!?” comment today. Ha! I know it was totally a joke but goodness gracious I have 9 weeks left!

I’m actually starting to sleep a bit better, and am getting used to traveling downstairs every night for my routine bathroom trip. The pups enjoy the extra pet in the middle of the night. :-)

Crazy that we’re in the single digits of weekly countdown now!!

Picture coming soon…

31 Weeks

Spark is the size of a Head of Lettuce (just a larger one than last week) :)

Cravings: Mint Chip Ice Cream, Raspberries, Alfredo sauce

30 Weeks!

So I got berated by my doctor for gaining too much weight. Boo. I wanted to argue that it was the time of day, but then realized that I HAD eaten 2 pieces of pizza for lunch, plus bagels pretty consistently. Sooo, I just took it and vowed to change the way I eat, at least a bit. :-) He told me to give up the bagels, so giving up the bagels I shall do! I want to keep Spark healthy so I’ll do what I have to! Funny thing is I still have a good 5 pounds to go before I even reach the heaviest I ever weighed myself in college (once I topped 150 in college I just stopped weighing myself, so I KNOW I got heavier but I never wanted to see the number). Eeps.

He’s also sending me to physical therapy for my hip. My research shows that it’s actually Pubic Symposium Dysfunction. Look that one up…it’s a fun one. My birthing class instructor showed us a couple of stretches to do and recommended a chiro over PT, and gave me the name of a great one who specializes in pregnancy so I will be calling her for sure!!

Spark is dancing a lot still. I love it! We came up with a new name idea and I’m kinda loving it. We’ll see how it sits over the next couple of weeks. The website was also suggesting Nimrod, Uriel, and Godfrey. Yikes. Scraping the bottom of the barrel!

Picture coming soon!

30 Weeks

Spark is the size of a Head of lettuce

Cravings: Mint chip ice cream, homemade chocolate chip cookies

Remembering Sprout


One year. It’s crazy how much happens in one year. This is one of those anniversaries that you pray you will never have, but know that somewhere in life, you will. I picture God throwing Sprout such a huge, fantastic, amazing 1 year old birthday party today up in heaven, and it makes my heart so happy. Sprout is diving into that huge chocolate cake with no abandon, and loving every moment of life! Sprout has never shed a tear, Sprout has never felt pain, Sprout has never NOT known love. For Sprout’s ENTIRE life, Sprout has not only known love, but has only known the greatest love that has ever and will ever exist…the love of the heavenly Father. How wonderful and amazing that is!! To know Sprout is healthy and whole and loved brings so much peace and joy to my heart!

I still hurt. Tears still fall for Sprout at certain times, but Sprout changed our lives, and I will always be so very thankful for that! And we have Spark! If Sprout was here, Spark would never exist…and God knew all along that Sprout was needed straight in heaven, and Spark was needed here on earth. We’ll never understand why, but we are so beyond thankful for our 2 babes!


Sprout’s tree almost bloomed this year. Well, it DID bloom (there are little buds!), but it bloomed right before the last major snowstorm, that froze all the buds in place. The buds are still there, but didn’t make it past the budding stage (much like Sprout if you want to make the analogy). I have full faith that the tree will sprout and bud and leaf next year. It is still alive! Just like Sprout. :-)

So today, I give thanks to the Lord for His faithfulness in our lives. For his goodness, compassion, comfort, and grace. He has blessed us with TWO babies in less than a year, and I don’t take that for granted.

I waited patiently for the Lord to help me,
and he turned to me and heard my cry.
He lifted me out of the pit of despair,
out of the mud and the mire.
He set my feet on solid ground
and steadied me as I walked along.
He has given me a new song to sing,
a hymn of praise to our God.
Many will see what he has done and be amazed.
They will put their trust in the Lord.

Psalm 40:1-3


29 Weeks!

Week 29 was a CRAZY busy one! We gutted our bathroom, painted 3 rooms (with the help of a ton of friends and family!), celebrated Ben’s birthday, and remembered our first ultrasound with Sprout, 1 year ago. I’m not necessarily enjoying having only one functioning toilet in the house that happens to be downstairs…that makes for some annoyingly long and treacherous middle of the night pee trips…but I’m thankful for ALL the hard work Ben is pouring into making sure things are done correctly in our bathroom! And I can’t WAIT to see the finished product!

This week has been a bit tough pain and sleep wise…ever since my last wedding, I’ve been battling hip pain on my right side (pretty positive Spark has situated himself mostly on my right side), and recently had pelvic bone pain. Kinda annoying, but I’ve found some exercises and stretches that are starting to help! And I’m just being more conscientious about how I move around, and try not to make sudden movements that pull those ligaments even more. I’m finding that I’m getting about 4 hours of good sleep a night, and then the rest of the night (after I pee of course) is hit or miss. Some nights are better than others!

But in other news, Spark has been moving like crazy these past couple of days! Just dancing a little jig every morning for a good hour or so once I get to work. :-) So fun! I wish I could see what he was doing in there…

EDITED to add: During this week we hit the anniversary of losing Sprout. I cherish this picture with my sweet babes!!
Spark_0029 copy

29 Weeks

Spark is the size of a Butternut Squash

Cravings: Mint Chip Ice Cream or Milkshakes & Lemonade